Customized Isoflexx® Insulated Flexible Busbars

Customized and flexible laminated busbars Isoflexx® can be used for all electrical connections in low-voltage installations.



Conductor material

Isoflexx® Insulated Flexible Busbars for your system-solutions

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Flexible & electrical connections

Laminated & Insulated Flexible Busbars Isoflexx®

Whether as a moving component in solid busbar systems, for connection to generators, transformers, switchgear and switching devices, as a supply line to machine switches and immersion baths, or as a riser in switchgear – Laminated Insulated Flexible Busbars Isoflexx® are innovative electrical connections for your low-voltage installation.

The loose lamellea lying in the insulation offer excellent flexibility and are also suitable for drilling or punching.

EMS Lamellierte Kupferschienen Isoflexx
Characteristics Isoflexx®

Busbars Lamellea & Connections

EMS Isoflexx laminated busbars

Conductor material Laminated Isoflexx®

We manufacture Laminated Insulated Flexible Busbars Isoflexx®  in cross-sections from 21.6 to 1200 mm². The copper lamellea are manufactured from highly conductive Cu-ETP.

  • Electrical conductivity 58 MS/m
  • Tensile strength 200 MPa [R200]. 
  • Lamella thicknesses from 0.5 mm – 1.0 mm 
  • Cu-ETP bare or Cu-ETP tinned (more corrosion resistant)

Isoflexx® Connections

In the manufacturing of technically advanced connectors made of different materials, EMS has rich experience.

Press welded connections (bare copper only) on one or both sides, have excellent conductivity due to their molecular bonding. The connection surfaces can be drilled, milled and bent.

Customized connections on request!

EMS flexible busbars Isoflexx tin plated

The EMS Group is certified according to
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Characteristics insulation

Resistant Insulated Flexible Busbars Isoflexx®

Our Isoflexx® Classic & Premium (105-190 °C) allow higher temperatures than PVC or XLPE cables (70-90 °C). As a result, a significantly higher current carrying capacity can be achieved. Isoflexx® insulation is resistant and has reinforced edges to withstand high operating voltages. The homogeneous, stress-free insulation prevents cracking at edges. Isoflexx® busbar insulations are available in various colors and comply with the RoHS directive.

SPS Standard Produkte Schwanenmühle GmbH offers standard Isoflexx® from stock. Please visit our SPS website or our SPS store!

Product Isoflexx® Classic Isoflexx® Premium Isoflexx® Rail
Colors insulation Black, Blue, Green+Yellow Grey Black
Thickness [mm] ≥ 1 ≥ 2 ≥ 1,5
Dielectric strength 20 kV/mm 16 kV/mm 21 kV/mm
Elongation 370 % 180 % 550 %
Operating temperature -40 °C / +105 °C -40 °C / +190 °C -40 °C / +105 °C
Operating voltage 1000 VAC/1500 VDC (UL 600 VAC/750 VDC) 1000 VAC/1500 VDC (UL 600 VAC/750 VDC) 1000 VAC/1500 VDC
Flammability UL 94 V0 UL 94 V0 UL 94 V0
Glow wire test 960°C 960°C 960°C
Material Special PVC, Self-extinguishing, Migration resistant, Compatible with various construction materials Silicone, Halogen free, Self-extinguishing Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), Halogen free, Insulation fulfills flame protection requirements for railroad applications
Approvals UL 758, UL 508 UL 508 UL 94 V-0 (1.5 mm), DIN EN 45545-2 R22 HL2, DIN EN 45545-2 R23 HL3

EMS flexible busbars Isoflexx

Isoflexx® Classic

The special PVC insulation of Isoflexx® Classic is naturally self-extinguishing and is often used in industrial applications. The plasticizer is migration resistant and compatible with construction materials such as polycarbonate and polymethyl methacrylate.

Approvals of Standard Isoflexx® Classic by SPS
UL 758, UL 508

RoHS, CE, REACH, ICE 61439-1

Isoflexx® Premium

The halogen-free silicone insulation of Isoflexx® Premium is self-extinguishing, produces only a very small amount of toxic smoke in case of fire, and is therefore often used in public buildings. The insulation hose is a homogeneous profile which is pulled over the conductor material. 

Approvals of Standard Isoflexx® Premium by SPS
UL 508

RoHS, CE, REACH, ICE 61439–1

EMS Isoflexx Premium Flexible Busbars
EMS flexible busbars Isoflexx

NEW! Isoflexx® Rail

Isoflexx® Rail’s halogen-free TPE insulation generates only a very small amount of toxic smoke in the event of fire and can therefore also be used in public facilities. Isoflexx® Rail insulation also meets the flame retardant requirements for rail applications – for greater safety for people and railroads.

Approvals of the Standard-Isoflexx® Rail by SPS

DIN EN 45545-2/R22/23HL3 (Isolation)

RoHS, CE, REACH, ICE 61439–1

Holistic system solutions
Insulated Flexible Busbars
Engineering Service
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We ensure that all components meet the defined requirements and, if required, we also take care of the engineering, assembly and shipment of your Insulated Flexible Busbars Isoflexx®.

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+ Individual offer
+ Detailed measurement
+ Guarantees
+ Contract conditions
+ Cost optimization
+ PPAP production release procedure
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+ Audits


+ Project management
+ Technical engineering
+ Cross-section design
+ Magnetic field calculation
+ 3D layout creation
+ Feasibility check

Customized manufacturing

+ Variable lengths from 250 to 3000 mm
+ Perforations of the connections
+ Twisting of both connections by 90°
+ Bends over the wide side
+ Folds over the high edge
+ Personalizations


+ Worldwide shipping
+ High quality packing
+ Upon request according to specification
+ Reliable & just-in-time
+ Dynamic capacity adjustment


+ Pre-assembly ex works
+ On-site installation
+ Supervision

After Sales

+ Maintenance
+ Spare parts requirement
+ Retro-fit

According to IEC or UL standard

Isoflexx® current carrying capacity

For Insulated Flexible Busbars Isoflexx®, the current carrying capacity applies according to the following table, determined according to IEC or UL standard:

*Current load values: ambient temperature 35 °C, alternating current AC

System solutions for your market

Getting to know fields of application

We have years of experience in engineering individual solutions for your requirements. In addition, we have the necessary “workbench” to manufacture the associated components on site.

Engineering know-how

We engineer your Insulated Flexible Busbars

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