Busbar systems for Switchgear Constructions

We offer customized busbar systems, for all electrical connections in switchgear and installations in the low-voltage range.
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System solutions for switchgear

Flexible and solid busbars made of copper, aluminum or CoppAl® serve as the central distribution board in your switchgear.  

With our know-how and individual components, we always engineer your system solutions to measure and according to your specifications.

Whether for switchgear, control cabinets or other applications – we will be happy to advise you!

EMS busbars for switchgear construction
Holistic system solutions
Individual components
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Individual busbars for control cabinets

System solutions for switchgears

Highly flexible busbars

Highly flexible busbars such as our Ultraflexx® busbars, are made of flat copper mesh and reliably absorb vibrations and switching shocks.

Ultraflexx® are ideal for flexible use of space and are the best alternative to prefabricated cables. Thanks to our different cross-sections, Ultraflexx® busbars can be adapted to a wide range of equipment and used as connectors between various control cabinet modules and units.

EMS highly flexible Ultraflexx
EMS flexible busbars Isoflexx tin plated

Flexible busbars

Flexible busbars such as our Isoflexx® can be used for all electrical connections in control cabinets and systems in the low-voltage range.

Whether as a moving component within solid busbar systems, for connection to generators, transformers, switchgear and switching devices, as a supply line to machine switches and immersion baths, or as a riser in switchgear – Isoflexx® busbars are innovative and reliable connections.

Solid busbars

Solid busbars are used as central distributors in switchgear. In order to achieve the lowest possible voltage drop or transport loss, conductive materials such as copper or aluminum are used for busbars. EMS also offers CoppAl®, a composite busbar with an aluminum core and copper cladding.

With the same cross-sectional area, copper offers the best current strength and thus also current density compared to CoppAl® and aluminum. If the smallest possible cross-section is required, copper is therefore the best choice. If, on the other hand, a low weight is desired, aluminum is the best material.

We will be happy to advise you.

EMS busbar tin plated
Engineering know-how

Our solutions for your control cabinet

4 reasons why busbars are better than cables!

At EMS, we have many years of experience in engineering, manufacturing and installing innovative busbars for your switchgear.

Higher current carrying capacity

Compared to busbars, cables have a smaller surface area and thus lower heat dissipation. Thus, a cross-section reduction compared to cables is possible due to optimal geometry.

Installation convenience

The installation of busbars is easier than with cable systems due to standard lengths and few fastening points. In addition, there is no waste. This results in a simpler calculation with less risk.

Short-circuit resistance

Particularly in the case of busbar systems, parallel routing with busbars always results in the same conductor lengths; in the case of cable systems, on the other hand, different lengths with different loads can result depending on the routing. In addition, busbars have high safety in operation and a low fire load.

Time saving

Busbars save time - with busbars you not only save time during planning, but also during installation and execution of power distribution.

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We ensure that all components meet the defined requirements and, if required, we also take care of the engineering, assembly and shipping of your flexible or solid busbars.

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Reliability, quality and sustainability are our claim. As a strategic partner, we are the first choice for our customers.

EMS Assemble busbar units

Engineering Busbars

We support you in the technical engineering of system solutions for individual requirements. Feel free to contact us!

EMS copper busbar system


If required, we can also assemble our busbar solutions at your site or take over the pre-assembly of your assembly units, ex works.

EMS manufacturing flexible busbars


Maximum precision through know-how and modern machines – our manufacturing professionally implements even complex busbars solutions.

EMS shipment packing busbars

Worldwide Shipment & Logistics

We assemble your finished busbar orders into flexible shipment units according to your specifications – customized and on time!

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At EMS, we have many years of experience in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of innovative busbar systems.

“Together with you as a strategic partner, we engineer forward-looking solutions for tomorrow’s industry!”

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System solutions for your market

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So whether you need solid busbars made of highly conductive Cu-ETP copper or combined solutions of our components, in our production we manufacture from simple components to fully pre-assembled units according to individual customer requirements.

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