Connection technology

We engineer and manufacture holistic high current connection technology for electrical connectivity – reliable and of good quality!

EMS Battery connector components Isoflexx
Connection technology

Battery Busbars

Individual battery busbars made of e.g. copper Cu-ETP for your rechargeable battery & accumulator packs (example LiFePo4 cells).

EMS CoppAl busbar components
Connection technology


CoppAl® busbars (Cuponal) are made of our composite material with a highly conductive copper cover and lightweight aluminum core.

EMS Aluminum Busbar Components
Connection technology

Aluminium Busbars

Aluminum busbars have excellent conductivity ÔÇô a good choice for busbars where weight is a primary consideration.

EMS Copper Busbar Components
Connection technology

Copper Busbars

For the lowest possible voltage drop, we use only highly conductive copper Cu-ETP & OF-Cu for your copper busbars.

EMS laminated busbar components
Connection technology

Laminated Busbars

Laminated busbars with individual contours are laminated with thin dielectric films to form a uniform conductor.

EMS highly flexible copper busbars
Connection technology

Braided Flexible Busbars 

Braided flexible busbars from EMS are customized high-current connectors from machine-braided, thin individual wires with solid connections.

EMS Flexible Expansion Busbars Copper Components
Connection technology

Expansion Busbars

Expansion Busbars are flexible busbars made of thin, packaged individual laminates of copper or aluminum with solid connectors.

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EMS is your professional when it comes to customized high current technology, integrated system solutions, customized manufacturing, individual engineering and the assembly of busbar units.

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