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Customized Battery Busbars

Individual battery busbars made of e.g. copper Cu-ETP for your rechargeable battery & accumulator packs (example LiFePo4 cells).



Conductor material

Battery Busbars for your system-solutions

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For compact installation situations

Battery Busbars for Accumulator Packs

An accumulator or battery pack consists of several accumulator or battery cells. These cells are connected either in series or in parallel. To transmit current between the individual cells, we manufacture Battery Busbars, or flexible busbars for short, made of bare, nickel-plated, tin-plated or silver-plated copper Cu-ETP, cupal or aluminum.

Application areas of such battery packs: automobiles, quads, motorcycles, buses, railroads, commercial vehicles, funsport-mobiles, pedelecs, segways, storage technology for renewable energies, energy supply and many more.


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The EMS Group is certified according to
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Characteristics of Battery Busbars

Battery Busbars Conductor Material & Insulation

Insulation of Battery Busbars

To protect adjacent components, battery busbars are insulated according to your specifications.

Since the type, size and number of cells of the battery play an essential role in the design of the battery connectors, we design and manufacture your battery flexible busbars with individual bends for path & vibration compensation, cross-sections, and insulation. 

If required, we will be glad to provide experts for the engineering and design of your custom battery busbars.

EMS flexible busbars

Sheets or lamellas as conductor material

For current transmission between the individual cells, we manufacture battery busbars made of bare, nickel-plated, tin-plated or silver-plated copper, cupal or aluminum.

Engineering know-how

We engineer your battery busbars

Our service


+ Individual offer
+ Detailed measurement
+ Guarantees
+ Contract conditions
+ Cost optimization
+ PPAP production release procedure
+ APQP guidelines
+ Audits


+ Project management
+ Technical engineering
+ Cross-section design
+ Magnetic field calculation
+ 3D layout creation
+ Feasibility check

Customized manufacturing

+ Fabrication & Manufacturing
+ Highly flexible busbars
+ Flexible busbars
+ Solid busbars
+ Flat busbars
+ Busbar systems
+ Busbar assemblies
+ Further processing
+ Personalizations


+ Worldwide shipping
+ High quality packing
+ Upon request according to specification
+ Reliable & just-in-time
+ Dynamic capacity adjustment


+ Pre-assembly ex works
+ On-site installation
+ Supervision

After Sales

+ Maintenance
+ Spare parts requirement
+ Retro-fit

Holistic system solutions
Customized Battery Busbars
Engineering Service
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We ensure that all components meet the defined requirements and, if required, we also take care of the engineering, installation, and shipping of your battery busbars.
System solutions for your market

Getting to know fields of application

We have years of experience in engineering individual solutions for your requirements. In addition, we have the necessary ‚Äúworkbench‚ÄĚ to manufacture the associated components on site.


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Busbar production at the next level!

On our laser punching machine, we process sheet metal formats up to a maximum of 1250 mm x 2035 mm in laser punching mode every day.

The integrated laser creates precise contours and the punching tools enable pull-throughs, roll beading, offsets and signatures in no time at all.

No matter how individual your requirements, our engineering & manufacturing have the right solution for your job ‚Äď contact us now!

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