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Customized Laminated busbars

Laminated busbars with individual contours are laminated with thin dielectric films to form a uniform conductor.



Conductor material

Laminated busbars for busbar systems

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For complex installation situations

Laminated busbars with precise contours

The growing demand of renewable energy, electric vehicles, home and building automation, leads to an ever-increasing need for laminated busbars. Our laminated busbars can be found in drive systems for railroad applications, in wind and solar inverters, in commercial frequency converters, and in large UPS systems or other power supply equipment.

EMS components laminated copper sheet busbars

Busbar production at the next level

On our laser punching machine, we process sheet metal formats of maximum 1250 mm x 2035 mm in laser punching mode every day.

The integrated laser creates precise contours and the punching tools enable pull-throughs, roll beading, offsets and signatures in no time at all.

No matter how individual your requirements, our engineering & manufacturing have the right solution for your job ÔÇô contact us now!

Holistic system solutions
Customized laminated busbars
Engineering Service

Characteristics of the laminated busbars

Conductor material & insulation laminated busbars

EMS Aluminum busbars flat

Flat conductive sheets as conductor material

We use copper (CU-ETP), aluminum or cupal sheets as conductor material. All materials can be tin-plated or nickel-plated according to requirements and application.

We process the thin copper sheet parts in laser punching operations in formats of up to 1250 mm x 2035 mm.

Insulation by lamination

Laminated insulations are particularly advantageous for complex busbars. EMS uses only high-quality and hard-wearing foil material to laminate the busbars. Further insulations anytime on request!


The EMS Group is certified according to
DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

We ensure that all components meet the defined requirements and, if required, we also take care of the engineering, installation and shipping of your laminated busbars.

Our service


+ Individual offer
+ Detailed measurement
+ Guarantees
+ Contract conditions
+ Cost optimization
+ PPAP production release procedure
+ APQP guidelines
+ Audits


+ Project management
+ Technical engineering
+ Cross-section design
+ Magnetic field calculation
+ 3D layout creation
+ Feasibility check

Customized manufacturing

+ Formats up to 1250 mm x 2035 mm
+ Individual perforations
+ Precise contours
+ Pull-throughs, roll beading, bending
+ Personalizations


+ Worldwide shipping
+ High quality packing
+ Reliable & just-in-time
+ Dynamic capacity adjustment


+ Pre-assembly ex works

After Sales

+ Maintenance
+ Spare parts requirement
+ Retro-fit

Engineering know-how

We engineer your laminated busbars


EMS stands for innovative busbars

In close cooperation with you, we engineer projects systematically and implement them efficiently. The focus is on optimizing functionality as well as infrastructural, production-related and economic aspects. The result is individual solutions that are geared to cost-effectiveness and meet the customer’s requirements down to the last detail.

Customized welding techniques

Certified welding company

EMS Elektro Metall Schwanenm├╝hle GmbH is a certified welding company according to DIN EN ISO 3834 T3. Our joining & brazing techniques are an important core competence for the production of our components and system solutions.

In addition to the classic welding techniques, we also offer various special processes if required ÔÇô please contact us!

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System solutions for your market

Getting to know fields of application

We have years of experience in engineering individual solutions for your requirements. In addition, we have the necessary ÔÇťworkbenchÔÇŁ to manufacture the associated components on site.

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