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Customized high current connections for basic industry & electrolysis for very high currents from 10,000-300,000 amps!
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System solutions for the basic industry

Busbars for basic material production

The energy-intensive basic material’s industry is mainly responsible for the industrial energy demand. Thus, these industries are also the biggest levers for energy savings. Busbars are mainly used in power distribution, centralized or decentralized power generation and energy-intensive processes such as electrolysis processes (hydrogen electrolysis). To transmit high currents, only busbars made of highly conductive copper (Cu-ETP) or aluminum are installed. The optimum design of the conductor cross-sections, the arrangement, and the insulation materials to be used can reduce costs and achieve a high level of operational reliability. With our many years of experience in engineering and manufacturing, EMS is your competent partner for electrical busbars in the field of high-current technology.
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Busbars for electrolysis

For industrial customer requirements

EMS VisionElectric

Busbar systems with Vision®Electric

Under the Vision®Electric brand, we primarily manufacture innovative busbar systems in the 1200-300,000 ampere range, specifically for harsh and industrial environments in the primary industry according to customer specifications.

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Resistant aluminum busbars

Aluminum with a high purity has excellent electrical properties. Therefore, aluminum is used both as a conductor of electricity and to optimize heat transfer at contact surfaces. Under given environmental conditions, pure aluminum produces a closed aluminum oxide layer (Al203). This property makes aluminum highly resistant to corrosion. By optimally designing the cross-sections, the arrangement, and the insulation material, costs can be reduced and a high level of operational reliability can be achieved.

EMS aluminum busbar

System solutions for electrolysis

Busbars are mainly used in power distribution, centralized or decentralized power generation and energy-intensive processes such as electrolysis (hydrogen electrolysis). We engineer your environment-adapted and corrosion-resistant high-current connections, always taking into account magnetic fields, pollution levels and chemical compatibility – even or especially for existing infrastructure. With our many years of experience, EMS Elektro Metall SchwanenmĂĽhle is your competent partner for electrical busbars in the field of high-current technology – even for very high currents of 10,000–300,000 amperes!

FAQs Busbars for hydrogen stacks

A hydrogen stack, also called a fuel cell stack, is an arrangement of several fuel cells connected in series or parallel to generate higher electrical power. A hydrogen stack forms the heart of a fuel cell, since the actual electrochemical process that generates electricity takes place in it. A hydrogen stack is composed of a series of cells, each of which consists of electrodes, an electrolyte and a catalyst. A single cell usually consists of an anode (negative charge) and a cathode (positive charge) separated by an electrolyte. The electrolyte transports ions between the electrodes. The total power can be increased by connecting several of these cells together to build a stack. Electrical current flows from one cell to the next via busbars or electrical connections. In the process, both the reaction products (water) and the excess hydrogen are removed from the system.

Hydrogen stacks are used in a wide variety of applications, including electric vehicles, stationary power, portable devices and more. They offer an efficient and clean way to generate electrical energy because hydrogen fuel produces no harmful emissions, only water vapor.

The main function of the busbars is to conduct the current from one fuel cell to the next. This increases the overall performance of the stack. By using busbars, the electrical current is evenly distributed throughout the stack. The result is an efficient use of the generated electricity and the guarantee of a uniform power in all cells.

The busbars are located at the ends of the individual cells in the stack. One busbar is connected to the positive terminal of one cell, the other to the negative terminal of the next. We offer both solid and flexible busbars. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right material.

It is important to note that the exact application and design of busbars in hydrogen stacks depends on several factors. These include the specific design of the stack and the requirements of the application. We will be happy to advise you.

Engineering know-how

System solutions for your basic materials

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We ensure that all components meet the defined requirements and, if required, we also take care of the development, assembly and shipment of your busbar systems.

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Reliability, quality and sustainability are our claim. As a strategic partner, we are the first choice for our customers.

EMS Assemble busbar units

Engineering Busbars

We support you in the technical engineering of system solutions for individual requirements. Feel free to contact us!

EMS copper busbar system


If required, we can also assemble our busbar solutions at your site or take over the pre-assembly of your assembly units, ex works.

EMS manufacturing flexible busbars


Maximum precision through know-how and modern machines – our manufacturing professionally implements even complex busbars solutions.

EMS shipment packing busbars

Worldwide Shipment & Logistics

We assemble your finished busbar orders into flexible shipment units according to your specifications – customized and on time!

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At EMS, we have many years of experience in the engineering, manufacturing, and installation of innovative busbar systems.

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