Safety rules company premises

In order to avoid accidents and damage, all visitors and employees are requested to observe and comply with the applicable safety rules of the EMS & SPS Schwanenm├╝hle.

Company premises Schwanenm├╝hle

Dear visitors of the Schwanenm├╝hle,

Please sign in immediately after entering the factory premises and enter your name on the sign-in list. Before leaving the premises, please sign out with your contact person. You can reach our head office at the following telephone number +49 6307 9116 0.

In order to avoid accidents and damage, all visitors and employees are requested to observe and comply with the applicable safety regulations of EMS & SPS Schwanenm├╝hle. Please follow the instructions of the EMS/SPS staff. In the event of non-compliance, EMS & SPS reserves the right to make use of its domiciliary rights.

We wish you a pleasant and safe stay.

Safety rules for visitors

EMS Schwanenm├╝hle

Access & parking facilities

Please register with your vehicle via our barrier. Vehicles may only be parked on the premises in the designated parking spaces. Signposted stopping and parking bans must be observed at all times. Entrances and exits, escape and rescue routes, etc. must be kept clear at all times. Transport vehicles have right of way.

Access to our premises

Please always choose the direct route to the headquarters, register in person, have your contact person pick you up and inform you about dangers and safety measures.

Please only use the personnel entrances and do not go through the gates ÔÇô these are intended for forklift traffic. The roadway may only be used if there is no pavement. When using the roadway, please walk on the right or left edge of the roadway. Only enter our operational areas in consultation with your operational contact. Please eat, drink and smoke only in the designated areas. All facilities may only be used within the scope of their intended purpose.

EMS Schwanenm├╝hle Zentrale
EMS Ultraflexx isoliert und hochflexibel


It is not permitted to enter manufacturing and assembly halls without being accompanied by an EMS/SPS attendant and without protective equipment. If you are not in possession of personal protective equipment, please contact us. Please be sure to inform your escort if you are a pacemaker or implant wearer.

Any injury, even if it seems insignificant at first, must be reported as soon as possible and treated appropriately. In case of doubt, a doctor should be consulted.


Entering our premises is at your own risk. Please observe the information and instruction signs.

Claims for damages due to property damage and/or personal injury are excluded.

Damage to our facilities, equipment or accidents must be reported to us immediately.

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Dangers & Safety Regulations

Please keep a safe distance from machines in operation. Staying under suspended loads is prohibited. Pay attention to acoustic signals and follow our instructions.

Fire protection regulations must be observed on the company premises. In case of emergency, use the marked emergency exits and proceed immediately to the nearest assembly point.

Smoking is prohibited on the entire company premises, except for the designated smoking areas. There is a general ban on alcohol and drugs on the entire company premises.

Photography, filming and recording of conversations is generally prohibited. Special permission can be granted upon request.

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