Customized Braided Flexible Busbars 

Braided flexible busbars from EMS are customized high-current connectors from machine-braided, thin individual wires with solid connections.



Conductor material

Braided Flexible Busbars  for your system-solutions

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Highly flexible & electrical connections

Braided flexible busbars as movable connectors

Braided Flexible Busbars (flat or round) are highly flexible high-current copper braid connectors and are used, for example, as moving elements in switchgear and equipment construction. Our Braided Flexible Busbars enable the transmission of high currents between components that are subject to vibration and compensate for three-dimensional movements. Round braids allow high flexibility in all directions of movement. EMS engineers and manufactures Braided Flexible Busbars in various customized dimensions. Please contact us!

EMS Braided Flexible Busbars Copper
Highly flexible properties

Braided Flexible Busbars Conductor Material & Connections

EMS highly flexible braided busbars

Conductor Material Braided Flexible Busbars

The machine made flat or round braids consist of thin individual wires with thicknesses of 0.07-0.3 mm and can be made of the following materials:

  • Cu-ETP1, bare or tinned
  • Aluminum¬†
  • Stainless steel on request

EMS also manufactures Braided Flexible Busbars with surface finishes on request. Please contact us!


Connections Braided Flexible Busbars

Our Braided Flexible Busbars have solid terminations made from mechanically crimped sleeves or from cable lugs:

  • Press-welded terminations are welded directly without a sleeve using the pressure welding process. To avoid oxidation or tarnish, the pressure welding is done under water, for example.
  • Tube-pressed terminals made of copper, aluminum or stainless steel are pressed under high pressure in a calibration device (with a material filling ratio of more than 95 %).
  • Terminations with standardized cable lugs are pressed onto round stranded wire.

EMS engineers and manufactures customized Braided Flexible Busbars in different terminations ‚Äď contact us now!

EMS highly flexible copper busbars

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We ensure that all components meet the defined requirements and, if required, we also take care of the engineering, assembly and shipment of your Braided Flexible Busbars or braids.
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Your customized Braided Flexible Busbars

Configure Braided Flexible Busbars correctly

EMS engineers and manufactures Braided Flexible Busbars with customized connections on request. Our Braided Flexible Busbars are manufactured according to DIN 46276.

Example description: LICU 120/40/60/220

Material: LICU for copper or LIAL for aluminum
Cross section: 120 mm²
Width: 40 mm
Connection length: 60 mm
Total length: 220 mm (when bent, correspondingly longer when stretched)

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