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Busbar systems for Renewable energies

We offer proven and modular system solutions for generators, converters & transformers up to 10,000 amps for renewable energy.
Renewable energies- System solutions for individual markets

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Sustainable connection technology

System solutions for renewable energies

Renewable energies include the wind, solar, photovoltaic, hydropower, biomass and geothermal industries. Our system solutions are used, among other things, as electrical conductors in generators, converters, transformers of wind turbines, as well as inverters for PV systems.

EMS Stromschienen f├╝r erneuerbare Energien
Holistic system solutions
Individual assembly units
Engineering Service
Sustainable to the energy turnaround

Solutions for renewable energies

When everything turns around busbars...

…we also generate wind! Even if you don’t always see our components at first glance, they are an integral part of everyday life. Wind turbines are just one example of many here. The way we generate energy and move around today is changing. With our busbars, we are actively shaping this change and taking an important step toward a more sustainable future. In addition to wind power, our target markets also include other renewable energies, such as the PV or hydrogen industries.

Proven system solutions in wind turbines

Our massive and flexible components can be installed in tight spaces, have low maintenance requirements and can transmit very high amounts of energy. Our proven systems of modular components are particularly suitable for generators, converters & transformers.

These systems have many advantages over cable solutions such as fast installation, current ratings up to 10,000 amps and more, exact coordination with other required products such as converters and transformers. In the case of inaccessible conditions, it is even possible to dispense with a corresponding housing.

EMS Cuponal-Baugruppe
EMS Components Isoflexx laminated busbars

Copper components in photovoltaic inverters

Photovoltaic inverters are a critical component in PV solar systems. While the PV modules are crucial for generating direct current (DC), photovoltaic inverters enable the conversion of this electrical energy into alternating current (AC). 

Our copper components are used for electrical energy distribution in such photovoltaic inverters. Here, the cross-sections of the busbars and the operating temperature are relevant influencing variables. The current carrying capacity of a busbar always refers to the busbar itself and is one of the most important variables in the design of a copper busbar. Please contact us!

Assembly units for regenerative energies

We offer the production of subassemblies or complete Assembly unit solutions ÔÇô pre-assembled ex works or at your site.

If required, our experienced technicians and assemblers will accompany you from engineering to and installation. 

Our optimized capacity planning ensures that Assembly units are pre-assembled and delivered within the specified time. 

EMS IndustryBar VisionElectric
Engineering know-how

Solutions for your renewables


Engineering for the energy transition

In close cooperation with you, we engineer projects systematically and implement them efficiently. The focus is on optimizing functionality as well as infrastructural, production-related and economic aspects. The result is individual solutions that are geared to cost-effectiveness and meet the customer’s requirements down to the last detail.

Sustainable into the future

EMS engineers busbar systems with the lowest possible environmental impact. Thus, as standard, no painted housings or plastic-coated conductors are used, which cause additional burdens on the environment during production.

The use of pure materials, such as aluminum instead of epoxy-coated sheet steel, makes it easy to separate and recycle the busbars at a later date.

We ensure that all components meet the defined requirements and, if required, we also take care of the engineering, installation and shipping of your individual system solutions.

EMS Core Competencies

All from one source

Reliability, quality and sustainability are our claim. As a strategic partner, we are the first choice for our customers.

EMS VisionBar Engineering

Engineering Busbars

We support you in the technical engineering of system solutions for individual requirements. Feel free to contact us!

EMS copper busbar system


If required, we can also assemble our busbar solutions at your site or take over the pre-assembly of your assembly units, ex works.

EMS manufacturing flexible busbars


Maximum precision through know-how and modern machines ÔÇô our manufacturing professionally implements even complex busbars solutions.

EMS shipment packing busbars

Shipment & Logistics

We assemble your finished busbar orders into flexible shipment units according to your specifications ÔÇô customized and on time!

For experts by experts

At EMS, we have many years of experience in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of innovative busbar systems.

“Together with you as a strategic partner, we engineer forward-looking solutions for tomorrow’s industry!”

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System solutions for your market

Learn more about our components

So whether you need solid busbars made of highly conductive Cu-ETP copper or combined solutions of our components, in our production we manufacture from simple components to fully pre-assembled units according to individual customer requirements.

Our service


+ Individual offer
+ Detailed measurement
+ Guarantees
+ Contract conditions
+ Cost optimization
+ PPAP production release procedure
+ APQP guidelines
+ Audits


+ Project management
+ Technical engineering
+ Cross-section design
+ Magnetic field calculation
+ 3D layout creation
+ Feasibility check

Customized manufacturing

+ Fabrication & Manufacturing
+ Highly flexible busbars
+ Flexible busbars
+ Solid busbars
+ Flat busbars
+ Busbar systems
+ Busbar assemblies
+ Further processing
+ Personalizations


+ Worldwide shipping
+ High quality packing
+ Upon request according to specification
+ Reliable & just-in-time
+ Dynamic capacity adjustment


+ Pre-assembly ex works
+ On-site installation
+ Supervision

After Sales

+ Maintenance
+ Spare parts requirement
+ Retro-fit


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