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Flexible busbars

Ideal power supply solution for difficult environments

Flexible busbars are electrical conductors that offer customized connection options for the safe flow of electricity. Our flexible busbars are made from highly conductive materials such as Copper Laminates or Braided Flexible Busbars and are available in customised cross-sections. Unlike solid busbars, flexible busbars are easier to install in tight spaces and around angles, making them a space-saving and reliable solution for power distribution in industrial applications. In addition, they offer more safety as they are usually  abrasion and fire-resistant.

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More design flexibility

Simplified power distribution

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Advantages of flexible busbars

Flexible busbars offer several advantages in terms of optimising available space and improving safety in power distribution systems. First, their highly flexible design allows for easy installation in confined spaces, reducing the need for additional components and minimising the overall size of the system.

In addition, flexible busbars are made of conductive materials that abrasion and fire resistant. This minimises the risk of electrical fires, short circuits and other hazards and provides a higher level of safety for staff and devices.

(Highly) Flexible busbars made in Germany & Poland

In addition to the standard SPS range, we also engineer customized flexible busbars – we will be happy to advise you!

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Possible applications for flexible busbar

Energy supply: Used in electrical transmission networks to transfer electricity from a source to a consumer.

E-mobility: Used to power electric motors and other electrical components in motor vehicles, ships, boats, railways, and aviation.

Renewable energy: Used in photovoltaic plants, hydroelectric plants and geothermal power plants for the distribution of the electricity generated and in wind power plants for the transmission of the electricity generated from the rotors to the electricity distribution.

Switchgear: Used in electrical installations for the distribution of electricity and the monitoring of electrical systems.

Engineering know-how

We engineer your flexible busbars

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EMS stands for holistic services

In close cooperation with you, we engineer projects systematically and implement them efficiently. The focus is on optimising functionality as well as infrastructural, production and economic aspects. The results are customised solutions that are geared towards economic efficiency and meet the customer’s requirements down to the last detail.


Did you know?

Frequently asked questions about flexible busbars

Flexible busbars are electrical conductors that have a flexible and malleable structure. They are used in electrical installations to allow safe and easy transmission of electricity, especially in hard-to-reach areas or when moving equipment or machinery.

Flexible busbars are usually attached to machines, equipment, or walls with clamps or screws. Depending on requirements, they can be mounted in a straight line or in curved shapes. 

The EMS manufactures and engineers flexible busbars from laminations such as:

And highly flexible busbars made of braided round and flat strands, such as:

Flexible tracks offer greater freedom of movement and are easier to install than solid busbars. They also allow better adaptation to the environment and require less space. They are also often lighter and less expensive than solid busbars.

There are flexible busbars that are suitable for high amperages. However, it is important that the busbars meet the requirements of the electrical installation and that the maximum amperage is not exceeded. We will be happy to advise you.

Our service


+ Individual offer
+ Detailed measurement
+ Guarantees
+ Contract conditions
+ Cost optimization
+ PPAP production release procedure
+ APQP guidelines
+ Audits


+ Project management
+ Technical engineering
+ Cross-section design
+ Magnetic field calculation
+ 3D layout creation
+ Feasibility check

Customized manufacturing

+ Fabrication & Manufacturing
+ Highly flexible busbars
+ Flexible busbars
+ Solid busbars
+ Flat busbars
+ Busbar systems
+ Busbar assemblies
+ Further processing
+ Personalizations


+ Worldwide shipping
+ High quality packing
+ Upon request according to specification
+ Reliable & just-in-time
+ Dynamic capacity adjustment


+ Pre-assembly ex works
+ On-site installation
+ Supervision

After Sales

+ Maintenance
+ Spare parts requirement
+ Retro-fit

Holistic system solutions
Flexible Designs
Engineering Service

EMS Core Competencies

All from one source

Reliability, quality and sustainability are our claim. As a strategic partner, we are the first choice for our customers.

EMS Assemble busbar units

Engineering Busbars

We support you in the technical engineering of system solutions for individual requirements. Feel free to contact us!

EMS copper busbar system


If required, we can also assemble our busbar solutions at your site or take over the pre-assembly of your assembly units, ex works.

EMS manufacturing flexible busbars


Maximum precision through know-how and modern machines ÔÇô our manufacturing professionally implements even complex busbars solutions.

EMS shipment packing busbars

Worldwide Shipment & Logistics

We assemble your finished busbar orders into flexible shipment units according to your specifications ÔÇô customized and on time!

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More Information

For experts by experts

Our experienced EMS designers ensure needs-based results from analysis to prototype production. 

Thus, we have more than two decades of technical expertise in the field of high current technology and can find a system solution for almost any application!

Do you have questions about our developments?

System solutions for your market

Our flexible busbars

Whether you need flexible busbars made of highly conductive Cu-ETP1 copper mesh or laminated busbars, we manufacture everything from simple components to fully pre-assembled assemblies individually according to customer requirements.

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We ensure that all components meet the defined requirements and, if required, we also take care of the engineering, assembly and shipment of your flexible busbars.
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