EMS Elektro Metall Schwanenm√ľhle GmbH ‚Äď Customized connection technology


EMS Welding Company

Welding Techniques

As a specialist welding company, we focus on efficient welding techniques. Convince yourself of our customized welding service.

EMS Expansion Busbars gold

Plated Busbars

We engineer and manufacture customized plated busbars for more corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity from high quality materials.

EMS busbars shipment powder coated

Insulated Busbars

Individual electrical insulation for almost any application, made of high-quality materials ‚Äď also for small installation space.

All from one source

Special electrical engineering products from Germany

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EMS Elektro Metall Schwanenm√ľhle GmbH

EMS is your professional when it comes to customized high current technology, integrated system solutions, customized manufacturing, individual engineering and the assembly of busbar units.

Customized development & manufacturing

Your specialist for project management and services in the field of design and engineering!

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